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Partners & Staff

 The Center for Molecular Analysis and Research is staffed by scientists with an international career and a great laboratory and clinical experience acquired in :

  • University hospitals in the USA
    • Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Center NY
    • North Shore University Hospital
    • Cornell University
    • SUNY Upstate Medical University
  • Sweden
    • Karolinska Institute.

1 Sotiris N Nikolopoulos PhD, MS | Molecular Oncologist (Scientific Director)
2 Stella Georgiou PhD, MS (Scientist)
3 Evangelia Kalimani, MS (Scientist)
4 Fotis Kirilis, MS
5 Savvoula Malliou, MD, PhD | Pathologist-Oncologist (personalized therapy collaborator)
6 Christos Karalis, MD | Pathologist, Endoscopist (FNAs and biopsies collaborator)
7 Dimitris Moraitis | Head and Neck surgeon (Thyroid project collaborator)
8 Georgios Tsoumalis, MD, PhD | Endocrinologist (Thyroid project collaborator)
9 Thomas Theodosiadis-Thomaidis, PhD | Chemical Engineer
10 George Sgouridis | Electronics Engineer (Systems Engineer)
11 Efi Nteli | Accountant (Administrator)

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